Curious George

We had a special visitor today.

Curious George came to talk to the class about our city's special Family Reading Night on Thursday, November 18th. Parents, you do not want to miss this! Tons of books and other great prizes will be given away. Go to the community library from 5:00 to 8:00. It will be a great time!

Now back to Curious George's visit. This afternoon he came with a library helper. They explained Family Reading Night and then passed out a free book to every child! They all got Junie B. Jones Boo and I Mean It! The teachers also got 8 Junie B. Jones books to add to classroom libraries. What a great surprise! Each child also got to hug or high five George. I took a few pictures, but they were moving so fast, so the quality isn't the best.

A blurry picture of the first grade teachers.

The children couldn't wait to get back in the class and write their names in their own book.

And of course they could hardly wait to read through their new books.

What a wonderful "gift"!

We love our new books!


I'm Back!

I know it's been nearly a month since I've posted, but it has been a very busy one for me! I am so proud and happy to say that yesterday I graduated with my Master's! After 2 LONG years of work, and a scary defense yesterday, I am an official graduate and the first in my group to finish. After a hectic week with two different substitutes, a disorganized class, and an exhausted teacher, I am taking the weekend off. But hang tight for a blog overhaul soon! I have lots to catch up on. For now, enjoy a few pictures of some shaving cream fun we've had throughout the year so far! We use shaving cream to practice writing letters, sight words, spelling words, addition and subtraction sentences, shapes, and anything else you could possibly think of. Needless to say, the children love it!