Official 1st Graders!

We survived the first day! 

I am much too tired to post about all of our fun today, and blogger is being much too slow...  But I will share some of the cute first day of school pictures I took for their scrapbooks.  They turned out a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.  I am lucky enough to have a super cute class of first graders! 




Beautiful Blog!

I am SO excited to finally have my new, beautiful blog!  Thank you everyone for voting!  The Sharpened Pencil is the winner!  So if you have me on your blog roll/google reader, change the address to
I wouldn't want to lose you!  :)  I have to give a shout out to my fantastic friend, Whitney, for her help and patience.  She designed the header and side bar items (I canNOT figure out why my button won't work....  any ideas?!).  She is super talented!

ps I know a few of you have emailed/commented asking me about my special student poster/activities.  I promise that is coming soon.  Once I make it through our first week of school, I'll get back to posting.  I have  a few simple activities coming up!  :) 

First Day Photo's

Mrs. Mugurussa found this super cute idea for taking first day of school pictures! 

I am going to use it when I take each child's picture on that special, first day.  It will be so cute for their scrapbooks!  :) 

Go here to download a printable for any grade level, Preschool - 9th grade. 

On another note, I am SO excited to finally be able to start working in my classroom tomorrow.  The first day for student is August 31st, which is coming up way too soon!