Shades of Spring!

I am SO excited to share with you my latest product!  

During the past few weeks, we have been working on identifying shades of meaning among adjectives and verbs.  Last year I just did this kite activity.  But this year, I raised the bar and made an entire unit of this topic.  It is FULL of fun activities to teach shades of meaning with your kiddos.  Many of the activities could be used to simply teach synonyms with younger ones.  

Here's a sneak peek of what's include in this unit.

Paint chips work really well to teach shades of meaning.  
I use them to introduce the unit, and to make some adorable suns!

Shades of Adjective Flowers

An updated kite for Shades of Verbs 

I also included: two posters, two scoots, four independent worksheets, and ten lists of adjectives and verbs all ready to go!  
Not all pictured.  

Here are some pictures of my class enjoying a couple of these activities.  

My kiddos had a BLAST working on these activities.  I love the bright colors and the educational crafts it provided us to decorate with!  I know you and your class will have a blast with this unit!  :)  

It is half off until tonight.  But I would love for THREE lucky readers to win a copy!  Enter using the rafflecopter below.  
(This is my first time using rafflecopter.... here's hoping it works as well as everyone says it does!)  


Five for Friday!

I'm linking up for a very random Five for Friday!  Saddle up and enjoy!  :)

Read Across America!

We had the BEST time celebrating this week!  I've felt so bad dropping the ball this year on many fun holidays, so I was NOT about to let Seussweek slip by!

We read Horton Hears a Who and wrote our opinion of the book, along with a little craft.  



We went on PebbleGo and learned all about the life of Dr. Seuss.  I made these fun timelines to help piece it all together.

We also read Oh, The Thinks You Can Think and practiced looking for context clues to help us understand new words.  

We read The Cat in the Hat and practiced Cause/Effect.

Finally, we enjoyed green eggs & ham, while reading Dr. Seuss books around the room!  

It was a super fun week!  


We have been working on repeated addition and arrays this past week.  As a culminating activity, we built Array City!  I wrote four repeated addition sentences on the board.  They had to create the array in the window of buildings.  Then, they had to create their own array in the stars and write the repeated addition sentence to match it.  This was one of my favorite activities!  We had a blast!  



Reader's Theater

In my reading intervention group, we have been using reader's theater to help with our fluency.  I absolutely LOVE the plays in this book:

They were so fun to listen to, so I had two of my little girls record a short snippet from their play, "Goldilocks and the Three Bullfrogs".  I loved the expression they used.  I'm so proud of how far they've come!  :)

Math Movers

I LOVE the Math Mover activities from Hope!  It was a great for a math review activity, that got them moving and thinking!  I might have used the Christmas edition this week.... but no one seemed to notice or mind.  :) 

30 Blows

On a non-educational note, my dear friend turned 30 this week!  YIKES!  That means it's my turn soon!!!  :/  I sent her this fun little package, to help cope with this traumatic birthday.  You can grab the printables here.  I used a 3 inch scalloped circle punch to cut out each tag.  

Happy Weekend, friends!