We performed the musical, BUGZ, on Thursday.  It was a hit!  We did a dress rehearsal for all the other grades in the morning, and the real show for parents in the afternoon.  Unfortunately, it went a lot smoother in the morning...  the microphones stopped cooperating, and there were a lot of loud, crying babies.  That, combined with our small gym, made it difficult to hear most of the children's parts.  But the set, costumes, and songs were wonderful.  And like I said, first graders are still cute, no matter what.  :)  We had a little picnic outside after the performance.  We were so lucky that it didn't snow/rain for the first time in about 192 years, so we were able to enjoy it.  Ha. 

I lost my camera during the play, so I only took this one picture.  I was so impressed by how creative the parents were in making costumes.  Nearly every child had their own costumes - mostly homemade.  My favorites were the maggot (cream body tube), blue dragonfly (made from hangers, nylons, and spray paint), the ant (giant balloon attached to her bum!), and the monarch butterfly (wings purchased from Michael's and beautifully decorated - she even had her face painted at Applebee's).  Everyone looked so cute!   

FYI, we found a bunch of butterfly and other insect antennas at Target in the dollar spot.  Even better - they were half off!  We probably bought about 40 antennas for fifty cents each. 

A special shout-out/thanks to Mrs. Edwards for helping us out with the play.  She came over to teach me the dance moves, and even brought a dvd of her class doing the play.  It was EXTREMELY helpful!  Thanks so much, Rachel!  :)


Ms.M said...

They look adorable. :)

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ashleemccormick said...

This looks SO fun and I've seen some other teachers blog about the same play. I have a couple ?s...did you do this with just your class or the grade level? What would I need to purchase (I clicked on your link but there were so many listings and I was confused...).

Thanks and your kiddos looked ADORABLE!!!

Janae said...

We did it with all four of our first grade classes. I just bought the 15.99 teacher edition and had a parent play for us. If you don't have a piano player, I would recommend buying the Bugz - ShowTrax CD. It's pricey, but I bet your PTO would help pay for it! :)