Get Up and Go!

Our story for the week was Get Up and Go!

It's a cute story about a girl who gets ready for school, and her dog makes a timeline to help keep track of the passing time.  So naturally we had to make timelines of our mornings.  I gave each child squares of paper.  They were supposed to write their activity, and how long it took (in minutes).  Then they added all the times together to see how long it takes them to get ready in the morning.  We had quite the range!  One boy got ready in 3 minutes, and one took 89 minutes.  

Close ups

Click here to download my timelines packet.

For one of our activities during Intervention (the time we split all the 2nd graders up based on reading abilities) we played Phonics Lotto.  

I love this game!  It has four game boards, ranging in levels of difficulty.  I put my kiddos in groups and let them work together to finish their game boards.  They took turns choosing a card, and then how to figure out what word their card finished.  They had a lot of fun, and I was impressed by how well they did.  That fourth game board is super hard!  Especially for this time of the year.

We just finished the first month of school!!  I love being back into a routine, with our relatively normal schedule.  And this year already feels so much better than last year.  I have a lot less piles and can find things pretty much right when I need them!  

That being said, this is my favorite some e card, and will ALWAYS be true!  

Regardless of all I still have to do, I am going to enjoy my hard-earned three day weekend!  
I hope you all do, too!!  :)

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