Currently May

It's time for another round of Currently with Farley.  
I haven't joined in the fun for a while and am excited to be back in the game!  :)

Listening: It's Saturday morning, and that means laundry/cleaning!

Loving: I am in love with Arizona weather!  We just hit 100 this week and am eager to get to the pool this afternoon!

Thinking:  This has been a wild week full of changes!  I am so thrilled to announce that I am looping up to 3rd grade with my class next year!  I may have said some comments this year on how I love this class so much and want to go to 3rd with them.  I really didn't think that would happen, but it did!  I am THRILLED to spend another year with them.  They are the sweetest group of kiddos ever!  It doesn't get much better than this!  :)

Wanting:  I really need to slow down time.  I always rush through the end of the school year and don't take the time to really enjoy these last few weeks.  Although, now that I get to move up with them, I'm a little less sad.  I'm still trying to frantically get everything finished as soon as possible, so I can spend my last few weeks in 2nd enjoying our time together.

Needing:  That being said, I really need to get my grading finished this week  Luckily I enjoy grading a lot more when I can do it by the pool!  :)

Summer Yes:  Vegas!!!  I am beyond excited to go to the Teachers Pay Teachers Conference this summer.  I was so jealous of everyone who got to go last year.  I can't wait to meet and mingle with so many amazing bloggers/tpt sellers!

Summer Hope:  My life has really gotten out of control this year.  I focused WAY too much on school work, and let my diet, exercise, and personal life go by the wayside.  My goal this summer is to complete a Whole 30 and a Couch to 5K program.  #noexcuses

Summer Dream:  Every summer I plan on doing some serious organization but I never really get to it.  The pool just ends up sounding so much more appealing.  Ha, maybe this year!

Head on over to Farley's Blog to check out what everyone else is currently up to!  I love reading these blog posts!

Happy Saturday!

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