The Best Gift

This year I received one of my most treasured gifts!

Two of the parents from my class got together and made this ADORABLE photo book!  The best part was, they {and my entire class} kept it a secret for so long.  They copied pictures from my phone, blog, and instagram to use without me having a clue.  I'm so glad, because it was the best surprise!  Each two page spread has a sentence starter that each child finished.  My parents kept each child's exact answer, incorrect spellings and all!  It is too adorable!  

I wish I could show you the entire book.  It literally melted my heart!

Here are all the questions my class answered.  

Any teacher would LOVE a book like this.  
It is definitely something I'll treasure forever!
Click here to download the questions for yourself.  

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Annie Brown said...

Adorable book. So glad I got to see the whole thing. Definitely a TREASURE.