First Grade Supply List

24 #2 All wood pencils (we share these, so please no fancy pencils!)
1 Yellow highlighter marker*
1 Child’s pointed scissors* (Fiskars)
3 Boxes 24 crayons*
1 Large pink eraser*
1 School glue, 4 oz. white
15 Glue sticks
1 Red pen
1 Pair headphones w/ built-in microphone*
2 Large boxes of tissue
2 Small school boxes*
1 Back pack*
1 Box washable markers* (each marker labeled with names)
2 Pocket folders (pockets on bottom)
1 Primary composition notebook (will be available to purchase separately from PTO)
3 Fine point black dry erase marker
1 Pack plain white index cards (no lines)
1 1” Binder*
2 Expo Dry Erase Markers (please no yellow)
1 Ream White Copy Paper
25 Single paper plates (can purchase from PTO)
Money: 23 Pennies, 8 Nickels, 10 Dimes, 1 Quarter

*Please label these items.
Please put your child’s name on backpack and school boxes with permanent marker.

Thank you!

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