This Day One Activity Is Easy as Dough-Re-Mi!

I found this great first day of school activity here.

In the past, our school has had a "Meet the Teacher/Bring Your Supplies" Day before school starts. After the budget cuts and new school schedule, we are most likely not having one this year. I'm so disappointed. I love meeting the children before school starts and helping them get excited and comfortable for the first day of school. When the first day comes, with all that supplies to put away, it does get very hectic! I love this idea of giving each child a plastic bag filled with play dough to play with. This can pass a lot of time and requires no teacher guidance - giving me time to collect and assemble supplies. This activity also provides the children with a fun activity to cool their back to school jitters!

Some tips for how to work the dough into an educational/getting to know you activity:
-use the dough to represent a favorite hobby or food
-use the dough to mold elements from a favorite book or story, etc.
-use the dough to create letters or build their name
-use the dough to represent a favorite summer activity

What activities do you use for those first few moments of the first day of school?

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