Hallway Chant

In the past, I’ve used a few difference poems and songs to get ready to walk in the halls, like this one from Really Good Stuff. I found I prefer having the children fold their arms. This leads to less problems and complaints of "he's touching me!". Last year, Mrs. Brown taught me a fun, first grade chant the kids LOVE to say!

Zip it, lock it
Put it in your pocket
Arms folded, feet straight
First Grade is really great!

Other teachers at our school have adapted it to say "Kindergarten is really great!" or "Second Grade is really great!". Here are the actions that go with it:

Zip it (pretend to zip your lips)
Lock it (lock your lips closed)
Put it in your pocket (put the key in your pocket)
Arms folded (fold your arms)
Feet straight (line up your feet)
First Grade is really great! (raise one arm in the air for a cheer!)

After saying the chant, we are silent and ready to walk through the halls.

Mrs. Cooley has several line-up songs she keeps on a ring by the door. She lets the line leader choose what song to sing. I think this is a great idea. I might add a few different lining up songs this year. Always a variety is much more fun!

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