Measurement Part 2

To continue our unit on measurement, we learned about volume and capacity today. Mrs. Sullenger gave the lesson today, and started by putting several containers in order, from smallest capacity to greatest, based on what the children thought. A few containers tricked them. For example, one small but wide container held A LOT more than the class would thought. Once the containers were in their predicated order, they estimated how many cups would fill each container. They weren't the best estimators, but it was still fun! I think their favorite part was the water changing colors from the food coloring. Children are so easily amused... :)

Isn't she the cutest pregnant person ever? :)

One cube stood for every cup of water the container held. This was a really great visual for them to understand. Of course we had to round, since I didn't have any half cubes. The numbers on the containers were the order the class thought they would be. You can see a few had to be rearranged after we filled them.

I sometimes wonder how much they actually grasp on concepts like this. so if anyone else has any great ideas for teaching about volume, I'd love to hear them!

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