We did a lot of fun activities for measuring length this week.

Ice Cream Measurement
First, we measured each child to see how many ice cream scoops tall they were. I got this idea from Mrs. Larremore, but did ice cream instead of pumpkins. The kids had a GREAT time with this. Next year I will layer the ice cream scoops more, so we can have a more accurate measurement. But it still turned out great!

I do not know why this one is sideways. It's normal on my computer. Sorry!

A few close ups

Ms. Van Orman is about 12 ice cream scoops tall!

Mrs. Sullenger is about 12 ice cream scoops tall!

Ice Cream Measurement Writing Page

Inchworm Measuring
Mrs. Sullenger had a cute idea for using Inchy Inchworm to measure objects around the room. It was so much fun. The class loved it! They got to color their inchworm and then work with a partner to measure anything around the room. They drew what they measured and then wrote how many inchworms long it was.

We even measured a student!

Inchworms - color

Inchworms - black and white

Inchworm Record Sheet

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