We finished up our measurement unit by talking about weight. We had six containers filled with mystery items. The kids first predicted the correct order from lightest to heaviest. Several of them got to come up, examine two containers, and decide which one was heavier. Then we weighed each container and compared its weight to pennies. The lightest object weighed as much as five pennies, and the heaviest was about 49 pennies (I think). They actually predicted the order exactly right! Smarties! When the weighing was finished, they guess what was inside each container. They guessed some right, but most of them were too tricky!

It's finally February... bring on the hearts! :)

We've had two inside recess days this week so far. I (and most of the kids) strongly dislike these days... Usually the morning is calm and fine, but by the afternoon we all just have a serious case of cabin fever. Luckily, I happen to be best friends with our PE teacher, so she kindly played a few tag games with us in the gym during recess. They played "toilet tag" and "color tag". For toilet tag, there are three taggers. When you get tagged you sit down like a toilet with your arm out (see pictures below). To be freed, someone has to "flush" you by pushing your arm down. Sounds weird, but the kids LOVE it. For color tag, there are three taggers again that start in the middle of the room. The rest of the kids are on one wall. Then the teacher calls out a color. If you are wearing that color you try and run across the gym without being tagged.

Look at that pose... can you tell she's a cheerleader??? :)

Tomorrow will most likely be an inside recess day again. In order to keep my sanity, I'm going to have to incorporate more learning games/movement activities. What other fun ideas/activities do you teachers do on inside recess days?

Our school got a grant to serve a fruit/vegetable as an afternoon snack everyday. They have had a lot of unique foods this year. Today was by far the strangest. They served jicama. I'm not going to lie, I did not enjoy it. It was so weird. It tasted like a lot of different things. Not my favorite... but the kids love all these new foods. They absolutely love them.

We've had a few really weird things, or at least foods I wouldn't serve raw as a snack. In my opinion, the two yuckiest were raw potatoes and lemon wedges. The two yummiest were pears and blackberries!

Here's hoping tomorrow is either cold enough to stay home or warm enough to go outside for recess!!

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Ms. Littler said...

Inside recess can be stressful! :( In my class we have a "dance party" I have some Kids Bop cds and we push the tables to the side and shake our groove thing. :) We also do the Limbo, Macarena,and Cha Cha Slide. The kids usually work up a sweat AND their minds are totally off of school work. A GREAT 15 minutes!