Life Cycle of a Frog

I saw the best idea for the life cycle of a frog on You Can Make The Sunshine Anytime, which made me remember to post about what we did at the beginning of the year to learn about frogs.  I have a frog theme in my classroom, so I thought it would be fun to buy two tadpoles and have them grow into frogs.  One of them died, so then I bought one more tadpole with legs.  Then they died, too.  I was so mad.  I contacted the company I bought them from to find out why the first one died.  She suggested to clean the tank more often (I was already doing it 2-3 times a week) and to use bottle water to fill it with.  Yeah right, they're tadpoles for crying' out loud.  So sadly, we didn't get to watch them grow into frogs.  Next year, I'll do Mrs. Matsuda's activity.  So cute.  :)  We did have fun with some other activities.  First of all, I LOVE this book from Insect Lore

It has so many fun activities to do across the curriculum with frogs.  It also had the idea for a huge bulletin board and a book about the life cycle.  I turned our board in the hall into a lake/land area for the frogs.  Each child also got a book with a page for each stage.  Every week we learned more about each stage, and then made a representation of each stage and put one in the hall and one in their books.  I also printed out facts for them to put in their books.  If that doesn't make sense, maybe these pictures will help.  :) 

It was a lot of fun.  I really love teaching about life cycles.  But we sure do miss these little guys...

This is snowflake doing an interpretive dance to a glee song.  ha.  :) 


Ms.M said...

I love those frogs. I use them every year when we read & study the Red Eyed Tree Frog. :) Your are adorable.

Ms. M
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Little Priorities said...

Do you have a pattern for those frogs? They are so cute! Did they make them all in one day or spread out throughout the week?

Little Priorities

Janae said...

I got the frogs from another teacher. I'll find it and scan it in for you. :)

We learned and made about one stage a week. It took about a month to do all the life cycle activities I had.

Little Priorities said...

Thank you for scanning those for me! We started today on the frog.

Here's my email.

Thanks Lori

Malarie said...

Thanks for the mention! I feel really special :) I love your cute bulleting board too!!