Field Trip

On Friday, we went to our county lake for a field trip.  We went on a nature scavenger hunt, ate lunch, played games, picked up garbage, and then went back to school.  We would've stayed longer, but the park didn't turn on the water fountains for us, so we had about 80 hot, thirsty, and whiny kids.  But once we got back to school, rested, and rehydrated, we made our own bubbles and played outside for the rest of the day.  It was a GREAT time! 

 He just came up to me and started using my stomach to write on.  Ha. 

 Two past teachers came to help chaperone. 

 Found a robin's egg! 

 He brought his dad's old camera, and had way too much fun with it.  All the kids loved the self timer. 

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Sheila O. said...

Love your field trip ideas. I like the scavenger hunt idea and might use it the last day of school. thanks so much for sharing!