This weekend was my graduation from graduate school.  I am officially a "Master".  Ha. 

 being "hooded"

 the beautiful colors of the master's hood.  so much better than the boring, black bachelor's. 

all the goods.  the college of education gave each of us a golden apple bell.  pretty awesome. 

The good news is, my school district finally unfroze the pay scale, so I will be getting paid more next year.  It's only fair, right?  I am so excited to be finished.  Now I can do whatever I want, without feeling guilty.  More blogging, perhaps?  :) 


Miss Kindergarten said...

Congrats Master Janae!

Ms.M said...

Congratulations. How exciting. I will be starting mine in a couple years. I am currently avoiding it.

As for the unfreezing of the pay scale, lucky you. My district just froze for next year. *ekk*

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leslie said...

Congratulations Leslie

jennifer said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting your Master's Degree!!


Elisabeth said...

I just finished my masters too! Graudation was this past weekend but I decided not to go. Congrats on getting finished! It's a wonderful feeling!! :)


Mrs. Ibarra said...

Congratulations!!! I know how exciting it is to be DONE!!!!!!