Oh my word..... how is it APRIL already?!?!
I'm linking up {a few days late} with Farley for my April Currently!  

I've spent the weekend catching up on Revenge!  Man, I just can't stop watching it!  It's so addicting.

At first I hated our class picture.  I didn't like the gangster poses, and I really didn't like being front and center...  But when I got the picture back, I really LOVED it!  There's so much personality.  It's my new favorite!  :)

I can't stop thinking about BABIES!!!  My bff just had her third baby last night!  

She's a DOLL!!!
I'm finally heading out to Chicago to visit this summer, and I can't WAIT to meet her!  

This was at the baby shower for her first baby.  
(We really need to take an updated picture this summer, Michelle!)
Fun fact... her first baby was born on my birthday!  We were destined to be best friends!  :)

I can't wait to go on some trips and enjoy some lazy days by the pool.... 
I stupidly volunteered to teach summer school this year.  But it's only in the mornings, Monday through Thursday, and only in June.  I...will...survive.  That still gives me plenty of afternoons for the pool. Since I'm teaching summer school, I'm cramming all my trips into July.  I'm heading to Toronto, Chicago, and VEGAS!  I am beyond excited for the Teachers Pay Teachers conference.  I can't wait to meet all my favorite bloggers and learn some new tips and tricks with tpt!  

See this massive pile of papers????

I have been putting off grading them for toooooooo loooooong.  Since the end of the year is so close, we've been doing daily math and language review pages for morning work, to make sure everyone is ready for 3rd grade.  My favorite review packs came from Amy and Jessi.  Jessi has daily assessments for every 2nd grade math and ela standard.  She's working on assessments for k-6!  Impressive!    

Hours and Last Day
Student hours are 7:45-2:15.  
My official hours at 7:15-3:15.
My real hours are about 6:30-6:30....  but let's not go there....

Our last day is May 22nd!!!  
33 days of school left... and COUNTING!  :) 


Mrs. L. said...

I love Revenge too! I have only seen the first two seasons; I need to get caught up.

Anonymous said...

Our hours are exactly the same! Our school day actually starts at 7:30, though. Plus, our last day of school was supposed to be May 23 (for students...staff's last day is May 27) but now we have an early dismissal day on Memorial Day because of the Icepocalypse in late January. 32 days left!!

Sarah Beth
Miss White's Classroom