Dare to Dream

It's time for week 2 of the TpT Seller Challenge!  
This week is all about our dreams with TpT.

I started blogging in 2010 as a way to share ideas with fellow teachers, as well as the parents of students in my class.  I offered lots of free activities and downloads, and never planned on selling on teachers pay teachers.  But after many of my blogger buddies started, I thought it seemed like a great way to make a few extra dollars.  I had no idea the possibilities and outcomes TpT could bring me!  It has already helped me pay off my debts, start a savings, and pay for a few trips to visit family and friends.  It's been a wonderful blessing! 

Today I sat down and thought about what I'd love to my future with TpT to be.  

I have started to build a small savings, but of course would like that to keep building.  I'd like to have money for when emergencies come up or future purchases (car, house, etc).  I just want to be prepared.  :)

My family all lives up in Canada.  For some reason, I chose to live in the warmth of AZ instead of the bitter cold of Canada.  That makes it a little difficult to see them as often as I'd like.  While I don't want to move back to Canada (I can't handle all that cold!), I would love to be able to visit more often than once or twice a year.  I'd love to make it back for birthdays, baptisms, and other special events.  

Inspire and Be Inspired
Reading other teacher blogs and browsing their TpT stores has inspired me so much!  I find amazing ideas for my classroom and love all the inspiration they give me.  Likewise, I love to be that inspiration to others.  I love sharing my ideas and activities with other teachers.  New teachers have it so good with all these teachers on social media.  Oh the teacher I could have been when I first began teaching!  

I want to see the world!  I went to Hawaii two years ago and that gave me the travel bug.  I don't have specific places in mind.  I just want to see it all!!  

Bottom line:  I want to enjoy life.  I don't want finances to be a reason why I can't do something or go somewhere.  I dream of the freedom Teachers Pay Teachers can provide me.  

What are your dreams?


Monica MeGown said...

Hi! I have enjoyed reading about your goals! I started off like you...just creating and sharing what I was doing in my classroom and then thinking it might be nice to have extra spending money. Now, I desire that freedom that TpT can provide so I don't have to worry each month. It would be so nice to have a financial cushion for those emergency situations. Best of luck to you!!

Mrs. MeGown’s 2nd Grade Safari

Unknown said...

I loved reading your dreams! You are absolutely right, browsing other TPT stores is so inspiring! It's so fun to see what amazing things so many educators do each and every day to provide amazing learning experiences for their students. I hope you get to travel soon to help ease that travel bug :)

Annie Brown said...

Janae, Those dreams are truly your heart. You do inspire...that is already a given! Now for the travels....Oh the Places You'll Go! I believe your dreams will come your way. :-)

Little by little ....one travels far. J.R.R. Tolkien A new quote that came my way this week.

Colleen A. said...

How wonderful to have family in Canada. Canada is truly a beautiful place. I lived in Montana for four years, so I totally understand wanting to stay clear of the cold. I hope you get to make it back up there soon.
:) Colleen
Totally Terrific in Texas