Makeover Madness!


I am so thankful for these four, sweet ladies who started this amazing challenge!  

Sparkling in Second

Peppy Zesty Teacherista

At the beginning of the challenge, I recorded my stats.  
Even though I started in 2013, I still feel like a newbie.  It takes me FOREVER to find the time to perfect a product.  I'm excited for this challenge to give me the boost I need.

The first challenge was a MAKEOVER!  Too much fun!  I have some products in dire need of a makeover.  When I first started creating for TpT in 2013, I used word and had a limited knowledge of clip arts and fonts.  Now that I use powerpoint, I am blown away with how easy is it to create!  

I have two completely redone products to share with you.  

First up, my Handprint Calendars.

My Handprint Calendars have been COMPLETELY redone!  I kept the main font the same {how can you go wrong with Cara Carroll???} but added a few other matching fonts.  I also redid the look of the calendars.  Before I only included black and white for Canada and US.  Now there are color versions, too.  I also included some with holidays, some without, some with the premade calendar numbers, and some completely blank.  And, the best part is, they are now EDITABLE!!!  

My second makeover was one of my very first products, Counting with Cookies.  I converted everything over to powerpoint, redid the cover, fonts, and graphics.  I also added a couple more independent practice pages.  

Both of these products are on sale in my TpT Store for the rest of the week!


Annie Brown said...

I love all the changes you made on your calendar packet. The cookie cover is adorable.

Melissa Reed said...

The changes to your calendar packet are great! I love the cover- it really highlights the work sample. And I am totally in love with your Counting with Cookies cover- SO appealing! Great job!!!

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