Happy Birthday, Christian!

September 2nd

This one is a little late. I had to get permission from parents before I could post any pictures and/or names. Christian's mom said it was okay to post both, so here is his birthday picture!

In the future, if you see some birthday shout outs with or without pictures/names, it's because of parent's permissions.

It was a little hectic getting ready to celebrate a birthday on the second day of school, but we did it and still had a great time. Due to the budget cuts this year and our school's shortened instruction time, I don't get to celebrate birthdays as much as I want to. My birthday is literally my favorite holiday and I love to celebrate! This year the children will get to wear a crown all day, be sung to in the morning, and bring treats (optional).

Instead of the traditional birthday song, we sing:

You've had a birthday, shout hurray!
We want to sing to you today!
One year older and wiser, too.
Happy Birthday to you!

They are still allowed to bring treats if they want to, but we will just eat them while we work or play an educational game. I used to love to play fun games at the end of the day. Some favorites were frog ball, freeze dance and musical corners. At the end of the day, they get to take their birthday bag home. I glued on the cupcakes they colored on the first day of school, wrote their name and birthday, and added some colorful ribbons. I also staple a card to the bag. Inside they will find (parents, keep it a surprise from your child!) a bookmark, candy, stickers, pencil, and a book! I usually give Junie B. Jones to the girls and Magic Tree House to the boys. I buy them with my Scholastic points, so I don't spend a lot on them. I think it is a great way to get books into their homes. I love birthdays!


Gladys said...

Cute way to celebrate!

Sneaker Teacher said...

I have a birthday to celebrate in my class tomorrow. I am doing a birthday bag this year that the kids get to take home that has some stories about birthdays and a birthday journal. We are SO short on time that we are just going to sing and then we will have a quick snack too!

I LOVE my birthday too!