Friday Fun!

Today was a fun filled Friday!

We read the book, "Stone Soup". We predicted what would happen next, and then summarized after we read. Then we made our own soup! We pretended to put in our favorite vegetables. Then we put three magic stones in. The class thought it was the best soup they ever had. Some comments were, "This is so delicious! Can you tell my mom the recipe?" "This is even better than Wal-Mart!" Ha. So cute! Little did they know it really was Campbell's Vegetable Beef soup purchased from Wal-Mart!

We went to the computer lab for the first time this afternoon. Today we played on Starfall. In the future we will play Math Facts in a Flash, Accelerated Reader, and some of the links to the right.

S is for Sunflower

We made these adorable sunflowers to hang in our classroom.

Sweet girls!

Funny boy!

We went to the library. I read a story while a few children at a time exchanged their books.

We finished off our day reviewing sight words with the "Meet the Sight Words" videos. I love these movies. They show small clips for each sight word, and turn the word into a fun scene. The class LOVES them. One boy asks all day long when we will watch them. Unfortunately for him, we don't watch them everyday. He gets pretty disappointed!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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