Place Your Vote!

I loved all the field trip ideas you fellow teachers do. I only wish we lived closer to a city with such fun places! Unfortunately, there isn’t much to do in our area. The first grade teachers at my school have narrowed our field trip down to three options:

1. We can go roller skating for 2 hours and have a picnic lunch at a nearby park.

2. We can go to our city’s lake. It won’t be filled with water, yet. We will do a garbage cleanup of the park, a nature scavenger hunt (we’ve gone before and the children think it is so cool to be in the lake with no water), and have a picnic lunch.

3. We can go to the movie theatre and have some pop and a popcorn.

So parents/students, please place your vote to the right and then we will make our final decision!


Ms.M said...

I am not a parent but the movies is always fun. Especially when their is a fun movie like Hop out.

Ms. M

Janaye said...

I like the lake idea! How fun!