Five For Friday

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In case you missed this post, I posted all the materials I use in our class data folders on tpt as a freebie!  I love using these, and my kiddos love to see their progress!

We read The Lonely Scarecrow this week.  Then, we made our own scarecrows.  We also wrote narratives describing what our scarecrow would spend his time in the field doing.  Some dreamed about playing football, watching tv, shopping with friends, and going swimming!  It was an AWESOME writing activity.  I'll post more pictures of those when they are finished.  

 After months of waiting for it to go on sale, I finally bought this #2 sign from Hobby Lobby for half off!  Now this wall is complete!

The Second Grade performed a skit today at the assembly.  We recited a Thanksgiving poem, sang a Thanksgiving song, and told several facts about Thanksgiving.  It was super cute!
I even had the pleasure of singing the national anthem at the beginning of the assembly.  One of my "groupies" snapped this lovely picture!

 And finally... after a loooong rainy day with inside recess, I am ready to spend the weekend curled up on the couch with my new favorite guilty pleasures!!!  

Happy Weekend Everyone!  

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