THANK-ful Teachers! {Tuesday}

It's time to link up again with Blog Hoppin' for today's edition of THANK-ful Teachers!

Tuesday:  We are thankful for HELPFUL-HINTS!  Have any helpful hints for teachers out there?  We want to know how you do what you do without falling into shreds at the end of the day :)

Here are my top five helpful hints!

1.  Stay Organized.

This is something I am constantly working on.  After moving into a new grade and classroom last year, I'm just now deciding how I want things in my classroom to be.  My favorite investment so far is this rolling cart. 

I have a drawer for just about everything I need.  And my mother is coming in a couple weeks to help me finally organize all my cupboards!  I seriously can't wait!  She's the master of organization!

2.  Make your custodian your best friend.
There have been countless times when my custodian has gone above and beyond his typical duties.  At my last school, my custodian helped put together my mailboxes.  This year he helped assemble another rolling cart.  I always make sure to be courteous and friendly to him and include him in Christmas and end of the year gifts.  {Besides, he does the real dirty work...}

3.  Learn to Say "No".
This hint is two fold - saying no to people and saying no to all the super cute/educational/fun ideas I find on other blogs and pinterest.  I am such a people pleaser.  I want to do everything for everyone and have the hardest time saying no.  I've learned {and am still learning} that I just can't do it all.  

4.  Enjoy your lunch break.
I used to work through my lunch break so I could try to get more done, but I've realized that I need that 30 minute break to rejuvenate myself in order to make it through the rest of the day.   

5.  Go home.
I've learned that I really could stay at school every waking moment of the day and night and STILL have things to do.  One of my coworkers always reminds me, "It'll be there tomorrow.  Don't worry about it".  And it's true.  Granted there are still some nights when I stay at school for an excessive amount of time, but I try to leave closer to 4 to enjoy my evenings and keep my sanity.  

Go link up and share your favorite Helpful Hints!  

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