THANK-ful Teachers! {Wednesday}

Happy Hump Day!  
{True story.... I HATE when people call Wednesday "Hump Day".  But when in Rome....}

It's time for another round of THANK-ful Teachers with Blog Hoppin'!  

Wednesday:  ACTIVITIES LIKE... We will post about activities that we just love doing in our classrooms!  Show us those WOW lessons!

My Three Favorite Activities to Do Are:

1.  Life Cycles
absolutely LOVE teaching about life cycles.  The Life Cycle of a Butterfly is my favorite, but The Life Cycle of a Frog is a close second.  I love making huge, interactive bulletin boards to go with each life cycle.  To raise the bar last year, I added higher level questions and information about butterflies on the board.  We discussed those questions as we came to them.  We also added each stage of the life cycle on the board throughout the unit.  It's always a class favorite!    

(I couldn't find my picture, so I stole my coworkers.  Still just as cute!)

2.  Shaving Cream
This is old news, that never gets old!  Shaving Cream is one of my FAVORITE ways to review just about anything!  I've used it for spelling/sight words, math facts, time, shapes, and anything else you can think of.  The best part is, when you are finished, you have clean desks and happy kids!

3.  Science
I love teaching Science!  It's always the kiddos' favorite, too.  We are so lucky, because our school district provides all the materials for awesome science experiments and lessons.  Our first unit this year was on the weather.  

So we made rain:

and tornadoes! 

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