First Grade Supply List

24 #2 All wood pencils (we share these, so please no fancy pencils!)
1 Yellow highlighter marker*
1 Child’s pointed scissors* (Fiskars)
3 Boxes 24 crayons*
1 Large pink eraser*
1 School glue, 4 oz. white
15 Glue sticks
1 Red pen
1 Pair headphones w/ built-in microphone*
2 Large boxes of tissue
2 Small school boxes*
1 Back pack*
1 Box washable markers* (each marker labeled with names)
2 Pocket folders (pockets on bottom)
1 Primary composition notebook (will be available to purchase separately from PTO)
3 Fine point black dry erase marker
1 Pack plain white index cards (no lines)
1 1” Binder*
2 Expo Dry Erase Markers (please no yellow)
1 Ream White Copy Paper
25 Single paper plates (can purchase from PTO)
Money: 23 Pennies, 8 Nickels, 10 Dimes, 1 Quarter

*Please label these items.
Please put your child’s name on backpack and school boxes with permanent marker.

Thank you!


First Grade Fun!

I’ve spent some time browsing other teacher blogs, and decided it was time to start my own. Through this blog I hope to share ideas and information for parents, teachers, and first graders. This is my SIXTH year teaching first grade. I can’t believe I’ve taught for that long! It has been a wonderful journey filled with excitement and surprises! I have learned so much from many great teachers, and am grateful to be able to work with such sweet little children! Enjoy this glimpse into the life of fun in first grade!