Homemade Ice Cream

One of my favorite things to do during the last week of school is make ice cream in a bag.  We started in the gym, but thankfully it didn't rain/snow, so we moved outside.  It is a pretty messy activity, so I prefer to do it outside, if possible.  I have every child bring their favorite topping to share.  Then, they pick a partner to make their ice cream with.  I have a parent help me assemble bags, then the children go outside and shake shake shake!  The bags get really cold, so I tell them to toss it back and forth with their partner, or take turns shaking the bags, so their little hands won't freeze off.  When it's ready, we divide their ice cream into two cups, let them add their toppings, and eat up! 

I'm looking forward to using Cara's Ice Cream Unit next year. 
So cute! 

Click on the picture to download the recipe!


Scrapbook Pages

Here are most of the pages I used for the scrapbooks.  I used to have these pages copied from an Evan Moor book (I think), but I've always had girls complain that the pictures were all of boys.  So I made my own this year that were (a) cuter and (b) had girls.  :)  Most of the other pages I used throughout the scrapbook are posted on the blog already - just look for the label of that holiday and you should be able to find it.  If I missed anything you want, let me know.  Enjoy! 

Cover - Boy

Cover - Girl

Description - Boy

Description - Girl

More Facts - Boy

More Facts - Girl

My Most Favorite Things

My Least Favorite Things

My Friends

More About My Friends

School Days Poem

First Grade Is Fun Because

Comparing With Er and Est

First Day of School

Happy Halloween

Happy Birthday

End of Year Poem



Today was our last day of school!  I am sad to see those sweet little kiddos go, but I am very much excited for my summer break.  And, like most teachers, I am really excited to get planning/organizing for next year.  :)  This week has been so busy getting all the last minute projects finished.  My biggest project was their scrapbooks.  I should have started earlier, but of course I put it off until the last week of school.  Ha.  I think they turned out really cute.  This was my first year using the binders, and I absolutely love them!  I think next year I'll get them at the beginning of the year and add to them throughout the year.  And I'll add more pages to it.  Next year...  Of course I want to show you what they look like, and remember for myself what I put in them.  Instead of taking 100 pictures, I thought a video would be easier.  I'll post copies of the pages I used, as well as pictures of our last week's activities soon.  But for now, enjoy the show!   :) 

Do any of you other teachers do scrapbooks?  If so, what do they look like? 


Earth Day/Mother's Day

Our completed Mother's Day cards.  So adorable. 

 Our Earth's.  We colored coffee filters with blue and green markers, then sprayed with water.  They turned out so cute. 


Field Trip

On Friday, we went to our county lake for a field trip.  We went on a nature scavenger hunt, ate lunch, played games, picked up garbage, and then went back to school.  We would've stayed longer, but the park didn't turn on the water fountains for us, so we had about 80 hot, thirsty, and whiny kids.  But once we got back to school, rested, and rehydrated, we made our own bubbles and played outside for the rest of the day.  It was a GREAT time! 

 He just came up to me and started using my stomach to write on.  Ha. 

 Two past teachers came to help chaperone. 

 Found a robin's egg! 

 He brought his dad's old camera, and had way too much fun with it.  All the kids loved the self timer. 



We performed the musical, BUGZ, on Thursday.  It was a hit!  We did a dress rehearsal for all the other grades in the morning, and the real show for parents in the afternoon.  Unfortunately, it went a lot smoother in the morning...  the microphones stopped cooperating, and there were a lot of loud, crying babies.  That, combined with our small gym, made it difficult to hear most of the children's parts.  But the set, costumes, and songs were wonderful.  And like I said, first graders are still cute, no matter what.  :)  We had a little picnic outside after the performance.  We were so lucky that it didn't snow/rain for the first time in about 192 years, so we were able to enjoy it.  Ha. 

I lost my camera during the play, so I only took this one picture.  I was so impressed by how creative the parents were in making costumes.  Nearly every child had their own costumes - mostly homemade.  My favorites were the maggot (cream body tube), blue dragonfly (made from hangers, nylons, and spray paint), the ant (giant balloon attached to her bum!), and the monarch butterfly (wings purchased from Michael's and beautifully decorated - she even had her face painted at Applebee's).  Everyone looked so cute!   

FYI, we found a bunch of butterfly and other insect antennas at Target in the dollar spot.  Even better - they were half off!  We probably bought about 40 antennas for fifty cents each. 

A special shout-out/thanks to Mrs. Edwards for helping us out with the play.  She came over to teach me the dance moves, and even brought a dvd of her class doing the play.  It was EXTREMELY helpful!  Thanks so much, Rachel!  :)



Tomorrow is our performance of BUGZ!  This is such a cute musical, and I can't wait to perform it.  But I have to be honest, I'm almost more excited to be finished!  It is so stressful!  The perfectionist in me is having a REALLY hard time with it.  But after an hour and a half, the set is ready.  We had kids color different bugs to use as decorations.  I think it turned out pretty cute, considering how ugly our gym is.  :) 

I just hope it doesn't fall off the wall during the night.  Ah.  I think it's time to just watch a movie, relax, and remember first graders are cute no matter how silly they are.  :)



This weekend was my graduation from graduate school.  I am officially a "Master".  Ha. 

 being "hooded"

 the beautiful colors of the master's hood.  so much better than the boring, black bachelor's. 

all the goods.  the college of education gave each of us a golden apple bell.  pretty awesome. 

The good news is, my school district finally unfroze the pay scale, so I will be getting paid more next year.  It's only fair, right?  I am so excited to be finished.  Now I can do whatever I want, without feeling guilty.  More blogging, perhaps?  :)