Sunday Smorgasbord

Today I'm linking up with Michelle from Fabulous in First for a Sunday Smorgasbord!  So settle in and enjoy the random ride...


I just got back this week from some much needed family time in Alberta, Canada.  My little niece was baptized and I am lucky enough to be her Fairy Godmother.  

My entire family went camping in Kananaskis Provincial Park.  It was beautiful and soooooo relaxing...  And I loved spending so much time with my super sweet nieces and nephews!



I went into my classroom on Thursday for the first time since being back.  I am SO not ready to get back to work, but I am ready to shop!  I could happily spend all my days shopping and crafting for me classroom.  But sadly, I only have TEN DAYS to get everything done before the first day of school.  I literally spent ALL DAY yesterday shopping.  
Here are some of my purchases:  

After 8 years, it is time to re-stuff my bean bags!

Dollar Store facial scrubbers to use as whiteboard erasers.  

A fancy wand to add to my fancy word wall.

New scrapbook paper for my birthday balloons and homemade teacher business cards.  

A CHEVRON PAPER PACK!!  Be still my heart... 

Glitters and such to decorate my sample Christmas Calendars.

Paper plates to use as headers for my bulletin boards (inspired by this pin), duck tape to outline my whiteboards (inspired by this pin), crazy straws for birthdays, and another cute pail (like I really needed another one...).  

Name tags and border for my fancy word wall.  

I absolutely LOVE this print!  You can download it free here.  I printed it at Costco, bought a wooden frame and some paint, and will put it all together today.   

My favorite plain calendar, ready to be marked up with my favorite flair pens!

Judge me all you want, Rachelle, but these are the MOST comfortable flip flops known to man!!  I actually had to re-buy them yesterday, because I lost my original pair while camping.  So random, but Alberta had major floods last month and they really did some damage to the campground we were at.  My family and I were going on a walk and came across some muddy areas that turned out to be sink holes!  I sunk down almost to my knees!  Both shoes came off.  My brother could only find one.  The other is probably making its way to China...    


This makes me laugh.  

I LOVE maxi skirts.  They are my absolute favorite thing to wear to work, because they really feel like your wearing sweats!  It's a win-win!  


Christmas in July!

{Click here to purchase this product.}

Due to OVERWHELMING amounts of questions regarding the Handprint Calendars, I have decided to post a detailed packet with descriptions and lots of pictures onto Teachers Pay Teachers.  My friend offered to let me use her sweet children tomorrow for this project.  I'll be working on it this weekend, and hope to get it posted next week.  

That being said, I would love to hear your feedback or questions you might have or specific things you would want in this packet.  For example, are there many teachers that would like a Canadian version?  Would you like different fonts for each month, or one consistent throughout?  I was planning on providing two different hand-print options for each month.  Do you want more?  I have a bunch posted on my Pin Board.  

So please take a look at the past calenders here, my pin board, and let me know how to make it easy for you!