It's {ALMOST} Summer Break!

I LOVE the end of the year.  Not just because it means summer, but because we can actually start having some real, honest to goodness F.U.N!  The testing is over, the pressure is off, and the weather is MAGICAL.  Wouldn't it be nice if it was like this all year???  Imagine the possibilities....  :)  

My favorite end of the year activity is from Rachelle's "This Year Was Out of This World" packet.  
Each day {or when I get to it....} a on-task, well-behaved student gets to pop a balloon.  In 8 balloons there are questions for the class to answer in a cute memory book.  I put more balloons up to fill the moon a little more.  And then most students get a chance to pop a balloon, which to them, is the greatest thing ever.  

I saw a bunch of those "20 day countdown to summer" activities on pinterest, but most of them involve popping a balloon each day to discover an activity.  Since I already have a balloon popping activity, I decided to make a banner.   

On the back of each pennant is an activity for us to do that starts with each letter.  I did have to be a little creative on the phrases.  I {with the help of my AwEsOmE 2nd grade team} came up with:

S - Sidewalk chalk
U - U need a brain break {I downloaded some super fun brain breaks from pinterest, and will also use some from Teach, Train, Love.}

M - Mind games {hangman, memory, and other random games}
M - Mystery Box {I'm going to bring a special treat in a box and have them guess what it is using only yes/no questions.  It will probably be something tasty!}
E - Extra Recess
R - Read outside
B - Bubbles
R - Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament
E - Eat a treat {again, I'll bring in something special and delicious!}
A - Airplane contest {this one fits perfectly with our basal story for next week, Ruth Law Thrills a Nation}
K - Krazy dance party
! - Ice Cream Party! {I'll bring the ice cream, they'll bring the toppings!  If I'm adventurous, we'll do homemade ice cream and use some of Cara's fun activities.}

What other fun activities are you all doing???

12 days and counting!!!!!