Elf in the Classroom - Week 1

Our first week of Elf in the Classroom was a HUGE HIT!!!

On Monday, we heard a loud pounding in the door.  When we checked it out, we found this beautifully wrapped, ICE COLD package waiting for us.  

The class was so excited and begged me to open it right away.  I did, and they were ECSTATIC to find an Elf on the Shelf!  I read them the book and then we quickly voted on a name.  

I left him tied in the box and kept it open on the counter.  
The next morning, we found him here: 
I hope you keep your behavior on point,
So I can keep hanging around this joint!

 On Wednesday, Jingle was caught making snow angels out of my glitter!  
Having no snow was making me bitter.
Thankfully I found all of this glitter!

During our math lesson on surveys, someone asked me to leave a note for Jingle so he could tell us what his favorite snack was.  He answered us during lunch!  
The next day two children brought in a candy cane for Jingle to have.  
It was TOO cute!

On Friday, Jingle made his own little Christmas tree!
You have a lovely Christmas tree,
But this one is just right for me!

 On Friday, Jingle must have been tired from a busy week in our room, because we found him sleeping.  
Don't mind me - I'm just having a snooze.
When I wake, I hope to tell Santa good news!

After lunch we filled out a reflection page on our week with Jingle.
I was amazed by how much they wrote and the thoughtfulness of their responses.  
Maybe we should have an Elf all year????  



Check out my Elf in the Classroom packet which includes my calendar of Elf events for the month, notes for the Elf to leave (mine and blanks), the Weekly Elf Reflection page (for a boy/girl Elf), and more!  

You can follow me on instgram (@the_sharpened_pencil) to see the daily happenings of our little Elf.  

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Whitney said...

That sneaky elf! My favorite is the kleenex box nap :)