Scrapbook Pages

Here are most of the pages I used for the scrapbooks.  I used to have these pages copied from an Evan Moor book (I think), but I've always had girls complain that the pictures were all of boys.  So I made my own this year that were (a) cuter and (b) had girls.  :)  Most of the other pages I used throughout the scrapbook are posted on the blog already - just look for the label of that holiday and you should be able to find it.  If I missed anything you want, let me know.  Enjoy! 

Cover - Boy

Cover - Girl

Description - Boy

Description - Girl

More Facts - Boy

More Facts - Girl

My Most Favorite Things

My Least Favorite Things

My Friends

More About My Friends

School Days Poem

First Grade Is Fun Because

Comparing With Er and Est

First Day of School

Happy Halloween

Happy Birthday

End of Year Poem

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