Book Fair

We had our Book Fair at Barnes and Noble on Saturday. It was a great time! Only about half the class came, but they all sang really well. I was so impressed with how well they knew the songs.
We sang:
-Sing, Sing a Song
-Do Re Mi
-If All the Raindrops
-Three Little Fishies
-Never Smile at a Crocodile
-Don't You Just Love to Read?
(from Dr. Jean)

Getting ready to sing. A few more children came.

The PTO had a craft table where the children could make book marks.

The craft table was also the sign in table. The class with the highest percentage attendance won an ice cream party... AND WE WON!!! Our librarian bought us a plethora of ice cream/toppings. The class LOVED choosing their ice cream. Although most of them chose everything, which I didn't think would taste very good... but what do I know?

Ice cream fit for a teacher... :)

Beware: The following three boys posed for these pictures. They held their positions very still, making sure we got it just right.

Good to the last drop!

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