Family Reading Night

Our first Family Reading Night was a success! We had so many people come that we ran out of cookies. That's a great sign! Only two children from our class came with their families to read. Everyone who comes to Family Reading Night gets to enter their name in a drawing. One child from each grade wins. A boy in my class was the first grade winner! He chose a Spiderman poster. He was so excited!

Our librarian reading the group a story.

There is one Family Reading Night each month. I stay at school to see the children and families, and get some work done in between visits. I love it!


Tricia said...

Can I ask exactly what you do at your family reading nights? I have participated in some in the past and found that no one read. We had so many activities to do that there wasn't time and it wasn't really encouaged. I am now in the position to host one and I would love for people to read - but also don't want it to be boring. Any suggestions?

Janae said...

Our Family Reading Nights really are just reading. The kids come with their parents, read books at the library, and take AR tests. The librarian also reads a story or two sometime during the night. We have them once a month, and always have some sort of treat to serve. They turn out really well and there’s usually between 100 and 200 people there. Hope this helps!