Button and Tutorial

I finally fixed my button. Here is the new one, if you need to replace yours.    :)


Would you like to know how to make your image into a button for your followers to grab?  Then follow these simple directions. 

First, create your image.  I usually make mine in Adobe Photoshop, but however you do it is fine.  :)  Upload it to a photo sharing site.  I use Photobucket.  Then, copy the Direct Link, form your photo sharing site.  Next, paste it into the formula below. 
(I originally got my instructions from The Shabby Shoppe, but can't find the exact post.) 

And voila!  You should have a beautiful, grabable button!  Let me know if you have any other questions about it.  :) 


Laurie said...

Ohh, how did you make your button?

Janae said...

My great friend made it for me. :) She used scrapbook paper, clipart, and Adobe PhotoShop. But if you already have the image, I can tell you how to make it a button that people can grab.

Rachelle said...

YAY!!!!!!! I love your new blog look and your button!!!! :)

Laurie said...

Oh do tell if it's easy!! Haha.


Laurie said...

THANKS so much. Your directions were easy to follow!!