Spelling Games

Our new favorite spelling game is Spell Checker! I saw this idea at What The Teacher Wants, and the kids LOVE it! Here's how to play:

Divide the class into groups. I just used the groups that our desks were in or boys/girls. Choose one child to be the "Spell Checker". They go out in the hall and wait. Then choose one child from each group to come be a "Writer". The teacher tells them a word to write and they all write it on the board. The "Spell Checker" comes back in and circles the one that is written the nicest and spelled correctly. Whoever wrote the word gets to be the next "Spell Checker" and their group gets the point.

Playing this game today reminded me of another favorite spelling game my past classes have loved. I haven't played it yet this year, but may have to introduce Snowball Spelling. I can't remember where I found the original idea, but I've done it for the past few years. Here's how to play:

Each child gets one Snowball Spelling paper (download available below), a pencil, and a crayon. Stand in a circle. The teacher says one word to spell. Each child writes that word in the number one box on their paper with the pencil. When everyone is finished they crumple their paper into a ball and throw it into the middle. Then the teacher calls certain children to get a new paper (if you are wearing a red shirt, boys, birthdays in January, etc). They look at the new paper and correct word number one with a crayon. If it is correct they draw a star. If it is wrong, they rewrite the word. Then they use this paper to write word number two. Keep going until all the words have been written. I've also done it before having the class try to throw their papers in a bowl in the middle. This helped one class full of boys who always tried to throw their papers way across the room.

Snowball Spelling Page


Mrs. Patton said...

Ooo! I love that game. My kids love this kind of stuff. Thanks for sharing!


Rachelle said...

I love the idea for snowball spelling!!!! LOVE!

Thanks for the shout out! :)

Rachelle said...

Oh....the download doesn't work! :( Can you email it to me?