Class Picture

I LOVE class pictures! This one was by far, the funniest one yet. One little boy was so shy. He wouldn't even walk in to the gym where the photographers were. But once I finally told him he could stand by me, he was all smiles and all over me. I was afraid he was going to pull my skirt down/up. It was crazy. But as soon as the photographer said, "say cheese" he would NOT smile. We tried so many times. They took one picture of him completely turned around. HA. And of course, no matter how many times we say, "keep your heads straight", we still have a beautifully, tilted head. All in all, I think it turned out cute! :)

PS  We miss you, Mrs. Sullenger!!! 

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Ms.M said...

Adorable. That is one of the things I miss about not teaching Gen Ed, I don't get to take class pictures with my students.

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