Another Important Book

I went to a cute little children's book store the other day while visiting my brother in Toronto - Mabel's Fables.  It was the perfect little book store, like the one on You've Got Mail.  Owning a store like that has always been my dream!  I had a lot of fun browsing and choosing books to buy.  I was ecstatic when I saw this one:

I bought The Important Book when I was student teaching in 4th grade.  I read it in 1st grade before, but always thought it was a little too old for most of them.  I was so happy to find this one.  It talks about all the important things from being one all the way up to being a six year old (perfect for 1st grade).  When I get back to my own computer, I'm going to make an activity to go along with this book to use the first few days of school.  Until then, go buy it if you don't already have it!  :)  


Shannon Langston said...

Thanks for sharing! I too LOVE the Important Book, but thought have not used it with my little ones. I'll have to check this one out.

Mrs. Wristbridge said...

I have ALWAYS wanted to open up a children's book store, too, just like the one in You Got Mail!

Rachel said...

I'll have to try find that book now. To answer your question - I got the border from Tools for Learning in IF. The lady there was pretty rude to me though (even though I've been going there for six years) so I don't think I'll ever go there again. Hope you have a better experience!