New Blog

I decided I want to update my blog before school starts this year.  My good friend is helping me design it and come up with a new name... but I need your help!  I want to change it to a more creative/universal name.  Meaning I can teach whatever grade with it, or change my last name without having to change my blog title.  I also want to make sure that none of the titles are already taken.  So please help me out by voting for your favorite title (to the right), or leaving a comment with a better idea.  Also, please let me know if you have seen a blog with any of these titles.  And if you have a great idea for a title that I don't have, please leave a comment to suggest it!  You never know, if I pick your suggestion, you just might win a secret surprise!  :)


The Sharpened Pencil
The Hoppy Place (I usually do a frog theme.  The only problem with this one is that I would have to change it if I ever changed my theme...)
Lessons from the Playground
Raise Your Hand... if you love first grade!
The Crayon Box
The Teacher Lady


Jennyfer said...

I really like The Sharpened Pencil - you could even take it further and do something like "Bouquets of Sharpened Pencils - My life as a Teacher"

Rachelle said...

My FAVORITE is for sure:

The Sharpened Pencil

I'm trying to think of a tagline to go with it...

"sharpening minds one pencil at a time! :) hahaha

Anonymous said...

I love that you are having a vote and after seeing the results, some (super-ridiculously-cheesy) puns popped into my head...I figured I'd share...

The Sharpest Pencil in the Class
The Sharpest Pencil in the Box
The Hoppiest Place I Know
The Hoppiest Place in the School/World

Good luck and have fun!


Mrs. Wheeler said...

I LOVE "The Sharpened Pencil!"


Michelle Watkins said...

how about "my learning playground"
or "school is cool"
"scissor, glue & everything cool"
i just wanna win :)

Ms.M said...

The crayon box ix not taken but their is already a blog called A Box of Crayons, and that is VERY close. :/

Ms. M
Ms.M's Blog
A Teacher's Plan

Janae said...

Thanks, Ms M. There's been a lot of idea stealing going around blog land, and I don't want to be involved in it! :)

The Black Family said...

Beg, borrow, & steal! That was the first thing they taught us about teaching Janae!! Maybe that should be my teaching blog name... Anyway I like all of them but I think that Ms.V The Magnificent has a nice ring to it. You inspire me =)

William Smith said...

I like the lessons from the playground title, but your blog shows much more from the classroom. I always vote for a description of what you hope to convey as opposed to a cute title.

Good luck,

William Smith

Rachelle said...

I know I already voted but I love what the comment said previously....

Scissors, glue and everything cool!


Pencils, glue, and everything cool!

But I still like "The Sharpened Pencil" too!

The Matthews Family said...

I liked what the last person to post said-- which is why I I like The Teacher Lady!

Kristin Young said...

I also like The Sharpened Pencil (because we all have our dull days & need a little help!) or Lessons from the Playground (because the best lessons are fun!). Good luck! :)

Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

Dee said...

How about Raise Your Hand...if you love teaching! That would not be grade specific and it would welcome all teachers. And we all love teaching!

Best wishes as you revamp your site.


Mrs. S said...

I vote for The Teacher Lady.