Back to School Night

Thank you to all the parents who came to Back to School Night, tonight!  I appreciate the time you took to come learn more about our classroom.  If you were unable to make it, I will send the info packet home with your child tomorrow. 

In addition to the info packets, I also sent home The Blueberry Story.  I got this story from another teacher at our school and I love the message it gives.  I use this story to explain my philosophy of teaching.  I love how it says, "We can never send back our blueberries (students). We take them big, small, rich, poor, gifted, exceptional, abused, frightened, confident, homeless, rude, and brilliant. We take them with ADHD, junior rheumatoid arthritis, and English as their second language. We take them all! Every one! And that is why it’s not a business. It’s a school!"  As teachers, we need to change the way we teach in order to give all children the maximum opportunity to thrive.  While none of my 19 children are perfect, I love them all and am excited to spend the year learning and growing together!  :) 

If you weren't able to make it tonight, click on the link below and read the story.  But, unfortunately, you missed out on the yummy blueberry loaf that went with it.   :)


The Matthews Family said...

This post made me cry! I read this blog as, not a "teacher", but as a parent who teaches her children. This Blueberry Story is exactly how it is as a parent as well! We can't send our blueberries back, so we need to figure out how to best raise them. Thank you for sharing it!

Lauren Blackmon said...

This story is PERFECT for teacher PDC days or back to school night. I am using this on Friday for our teacher workday. I love this idea and the message is so true. I have never heard this before.