Happy New Year!

WOW!  This first week back was a little crazy.  I enjoyed my break and didn't step foot in my classroom until Tuesday morning.  That meant we had to do a little organizing, cleaning, and catching up.  The best part was using shaving cream to clean our desks and review our diagraphs {ch, sh, th, wh}.  

I read them Squirrel's New Year's Resolution, which was really great at explaining to them what a resolution was.  Then, we wrote New Year's goals and made these super cute New Year's Kids.  

I brought some New Year's Crackers back with me from Canada.  Each cracker comes with a crown, toy, and joke/riddle/trivia.  They loved poppin' them and had a great time!  

It was a perfect end to a crazy week!  :)  


Elisabeth said...

I love your blog! I passed an award along to you! You can check it out here.. http://missdelk.blogspot.com/2012/01/award.html

Tricia said...

I love your blog. I am a new follower.

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vicky1970 said...

I love your new years pics the kiddos did...so cute!
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EmBellish said...

Such cute ideas! We just did shaving cream during the last week of school and boy do the kiddos love it. I love the kazoo crafts too. So cute!

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