I'm A Survivor!

We survived the first week of school!!  

We started on Wednesday and spent the first three days getting to know each other and the routines/rules of our classroom.  I incorporated a lot of activities from these great Back to School packs:

On the very first day, once all our supplies were put away, I read this new Gingerbread book.  I had never heard of it before, but loved it!  It also went perfectly with our Gingerbread Hunt.  I brought Gingerbread cookies to share with the class, but after I read the story, they were gone!  That sneaky Gingerbread Man took them and left us a clue.  We followed his clues all around the school (learning about all the rooms/offices along the way) and finally found the cookies back in our classroom!  

Here are the clues I used in the past.  I will update them and post a new version soon!  

We graphed how we go home from school.

My all-time favorite first day of school activity is Abby's Jitter Juice!  We read First Day Jitters, read Abby's poem (while looking for sight words and rhyming words), wrote our own recipes, and finally made Jitter Juice!  It definitely made our jitters disappear!  

The kiddos had a blast during the Teacher Scavenger Hunt.  They had to wander around looking for fun facts about me!  

We also made and explored Rekenreks for Math and wrote about why 2nd Grade will be T-RRIFIC!  (Pictures coming soon!)

I love all the "secret learning" that went on this first week.  We had a lot of great discussions and learned so much about graphing, numbers, story elements, and more!  They had NO idea they were learning! 

I have THE BEST class this year!  I am so excited to spend this year watching them learn and grow. 

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