Penguin Pals

We had THE BEST time learning about penguins over the last couple weeks.  We read The Emperor's Egg as part of our reading series, and I added some of Amy's activities from her super cute penguin unit.  

To finish our unit, I put everyone in groups to research specific types of penguins.  I had gathered information on six different types of penguins.  They worked together filling out a graphic organizer with facts.  Then, they wrote their own four paragraph informational essay.  I am so impressed with how their writing is coming...  Still working on indenting, though.  :)  Several of them even wrote two full pages worth of information.  

We've talked a lot about plagiarizing when writing informational pieces.  
One boy was reading his penguin piece to me.  After he read me a sentence (that was obviously plagiarized) he yelled out, "I am NOT PLAGIARISM!!!"  It was hysterical!     

When their writing was finished, they made these adorable penguins!

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