December Currently!

Hello, December! 
I'm linking up with Farley again for another round of currently.
Listening Ok, when I started this post I was watching The Walking Dead, but that only lasted about two minutes!  I won't give any spoilers away, but OH MY WORD!!! 
Loving  Our Elf on the Shelf came today!  Introducing...
After narrowing the list down and voting on our favorites, Elfie was the winner!  (Thank heavens, because one sweet boy suggested the name, Expurt Thift!  What?!?  He said it was the name of a game he likes to play.  After I wrote it up on the board, he corrected my spelling for me.  Yikes!!)
You can check out my Elf in the Classroom Packet here. 
Thinking  My tree is down from the shelf in the garage and waiting eagerly in the hallway to be put up.  But man, I do not have the time or energy for that!  I really might just keep walking around it until my parents come this week... 
Wanting  Even though my tree isn't put up, I did take down all the rest of my Christmas decorations and started decorating.  That made me realize I really want some new decorations!  You really can't ever have too many, right??? 
Needing  The end of the quarter is getting close to an end, and I have yet to grade any writing... Everything else was graded, entered, and filed in a timely manner.  But writing is my nemesis! 
Giving  My parents are snowbirds from Canada, and are coming down this week to bask in the glory that is Arizona!  (Not to brag, but we had record high temperatures on Thanksgiving - a balmy 87!)  My mom and I decided we are going to do the 12 Days of Christmas for some families we know who can use a little bit of Christmas Cheer! 
I can't wait!  :)


Recipe for Teaching said...

Our class elf also came today!! The kids were so excited! We voted and they picked to name him...Christmas!! Such an appropriate name! And I agree that you can never have too many Christmas decorations!!! Have a great week!

Victoria said...

Hi, Janae! It's nice to "meet" you... I found you through Farley's linky. I read your biography a little bit-- I graduated college one year before you, and I also read about your parents are coming down from Canada to Arizona. Sounds exciting-- and quite an adjustment in climate! =) As for Christmas, my tree is not up yet, but there's so much to do-- at home and school. I am now your newest follower and hope you have a wonderful week!! - Victoria (

Erainna said...

Hubby is an avid Walking Dead fan. I tried it once, had nightmares and now stay far, far away from the TV when it's on. If you have time, I'd love to hear more about your 12 Days of Christmas.
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Scarlett said...

Cute blog! I still need to watch The Walking Dead - it's on my DVR! But unfortunately, I saw a spoiler on Facebook. Boo! And you can never have enough decorations! :)
Scarlett at Speech Is Sweet

Unknown said...

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