3rd Grade Here I Come!

I am so thankful for the big Teachers Pay Teachers Sale!  I loaded up my cart with a bunch of materials to use in 3rd Grade next year.  I left a lot on my wish list, but purchased plenty of fun to start the year.  

Here's what I bought:

I'm still going to use Class Dojo next year, and thought these would be a nice addition.  

I found out today that I get to teach ART once a week just for fun!  No CCSS alignment, no craft to accompany their writing, just ART!  You better believe I snatched up this growing set of directed drawings to use throughout the year.  

I'll start the year off right with these fun centers!

A few fun packs more aligned to 3rd Grade math. 

I thought a biography would be a fun way to start off the year.  But we'll see!

You've got a few more hours left to take advantage of the sale!  

Check out my TpT Store here.

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