Teacher Week – Online Resources

It’s Teacher Week over at Babbling Abby! Today is all about online resources. There are simply too many great online resources for me to list, so I tried to narrow it down to my absolute favorite top three!

1. Florida Center for Reading Research – They have the best pre-made activities for the five components of reading, K-5. I’ve used most of them in my class for whole class, small group, partners, or individual activities. They work for everything! I’ve even referred parents to this site, and they love the fun activities and easy to follow directions.

2. PreKinders – This site also has a lot of pre-made activities. I first found this site while looking for pattern block patterns to use at a center. I found these lovelies. My class loves them and could play with them for hours! I then spent about twelve years searching the rest of the site finding so many activities I could apply to first grade. Time well spent!

3. SMART Exchange – My entire school is getting SMART boards and document cameras this year! I’m so excited! But, since I’ve never really used a SMART board before, I’ve been looking for some resources to help. This site is full of pre-made lessons for all grades and subjects using SMART boards. I can’t wait to use them!


MrsKinne said...

I had never heard of the Florida Center for Reading Research. Thanks for helping out a fellow first-grade teacher! :)

Kerbi said...

Smart boards are great! I love your adorable blog! I'm your newest follower! I am re-reading Eat, Pray, Love right now! Happy Friday!