On Wednesday we combined our color party, Lucky party, and my birthday!

We reviewed one color a day since the beginning of school. Everyday the children wore the color of the day, we sang a song, and learned a poem, and used these color books.

The whole class works together to earn a Lucky party. For every good thing the class does (work quietly, follow the rules) I put part of the letters on the board to spell Lucky. When the work is spelled, I draw a star on the board. Once they have three stars, we have a party! I usually bring a special treat and we play some fun/educational game. Since we were celebrating the colors, I made rainbow jello jigglers (they lost a bit of their jiggles by the time we ate them) and we played colors bingo. It was a great time!

It was also my birthday on Wednesday, which was even more fun. They are such sweet children and made it a really fun day! The whole class behaved so well (the best gift of all!). They gave me gifts, sang to me, drew me pictures, and gave me lots of hugs! All in all, it made for a really fun day!

They ate/slurped until the plates were clean!

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