I had the best surprise yesterday. Our secretary had ordered Nicky's Folders and didn't tell me! I was so shocked and ecstatic when they arrived! They are the best homework folders I've ever seen. And really, for a dollar a piece, the only downside is you have to buy at least 100 each time. I put all the papers in and assembled them yesterday and was SO happy to send them home with the children.

Front Cover


I put dots on each side so they can put their papers in the right side independently.

Back Cover

This is the sign off sheet for our reading homework.

I've literally never been so happy in my entire life!


Mandy's Memories said...

wow! Those are great! I need to consider using those

Mamie said...

We have these too and I LOVE them! My whole team ordered them, and we each chose our own color for our class - I got purple! You will be so happy with these, as they "make sense" and are sturdy.

luckeyfrog said...

Nicky Folders are wonderful! They hold up so well, especially with those kids who tend to awkwardly stuff their Homework Folders in backpacks each day.

We got a different color of folder to use specifically for Make-Up Work. Another teacher showed me that she used a wet erase marker to write the student's name and absent dates on the front of the folder, and then wiped them clean once the make-up work was returned. Brilliant!