Valentine's Day

So I was sick for the 100th day, but made myself go to school for Valentine's Day. I couldn't put Mrs. Sullenger and a sub through that again!

Earlier in the month, each child made a pocket for their Valentine's. I like using these because they are so simple - you just fold up the long construction paper and staple the sides. Free and easy!

In the morning, I had each child choose a friend from the class to have their picture taken with. Then they wrote about why that person is their friend. This is one of my favorite activities.

I don't have any pictures of their writing, but I assure you they wrote such sweet things! This will go in their scrapbooks, so parents you will see it at the end of the year.

For math, we did the traditional conversation hearts sorting and graphing activity and Love Monster Math.

We had parent helpers come and did some Valentine's rotations.

Mend my broken heart

Lacey Hearts

Valentine Sight Words

Making Valentine's for parents

At the end of the day, the children looked through their pockets and glued their Valentine's into the books Rachelle made. They were so so cute!

I made heart shaped crayons as a gift for each child. It was time consuming, but I LOVE the way they turned out. Here are two gift tags to go with them.

Have a Colorful Valentine's Day

You Color My World, Valentine

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