Homemade Ice Cream

One of my favorite things to do during the last week of school is make ice cream in a bag.  We started in the gym, but thankfully it didn't rain/snow, so we moved outside.  It is a pretty messy activity, so I prefer to do it outside, if possible.  I have every child bring their favorite topping to share.  Then, they pick a partner to make their ice cream with.  I have a parent help me assemble bags, then the children go outside and shake shake shake!  The bags get really cold, so I tell them to toss it back and forth with their partner, or take turns shaking the bags, so their little hands won't freeze off.  When it's ready, we divide their ice cream into two cups, let them add their toppings, and eat up! 

I'm looking forward to using Cara's Ice Cream Unit next year. 
So cute! 

Click on the picture to download the recipe!


Leslie said...

I may just have to make this ice cream at our Camp Skeeter. It looks like fun!


Anonymous said...

I was looking at your blog from my phone and all of the letters get a little squished. When reading the ingredients list "vanilla" looked like "vodka". Not sure how that would go over! :-)

Janae said...

Haha, that's the after school recipe! ;)

Miss JoAnne said...

I've done homemade icecream with my girl scouts before and the kids LOVE It!


Jan Brady said...

I've always wanted to try this but never had directions or the recipe. I absolutely can't wait to do this in my classroom when school starts back! Thanks for sharing!
- Jan
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Miss B said...

I do this too! It's always a mess but they love it!
Miss B, Busy Bee