Classroom Pics!

The winners of the handprint calendar were PIPPI and SARAH.   Sarah, please contact me to receive the packet.  Thank you!

Get ready for a picture overload!!!  :)  

It's about three weeks into school and I finally have my classroom looking pretty darn wonderful!  I had some really great helpers and together we worked MAGIC in my room!  I really love the way it all came together.  

Here are the views from around the room.   




And here are some close-ups!
I just started this this year, and it has been a LIFESAVER!  
I get so tired of those no-name papers...

World's Best Sharpener: Staples, $50 well spent!  

My desk area.

Thanks to The Teacher Wife for this great organization idea!  
(True story..... I've never been 5 weeks ahead, but I have BIG dreams!)

I got this little bus at the Renaissance Festival last year and I love it!

Our district has us post the Topic, Do, and Level of Thinking for each subject.  
The kiddos love seeing how high up the Bloom's Chart we will be working at each day.
(Bloom's Posters purchased here.) 

I LOVE how this wall turned out!  

These cute t-shirts came from Rachelle's This Year Will Be T-Rrific {Back to School Writing} packet!


LOOOOOOVE this rug from Target!  It is such a pretty color and is SO SOFT!  
(And as a bonus, it hides all my cords really well.)

My simple lesson plan layout. 
Each subject has a more detailed lesson plan, with standards, objectives, topic/do/level of thinking, etc.  

Our school gives awards for students who make Blue Zone (reading 117 or more wpm on DIBELS), Word Wise (Read and Spell at Dolch Words through 2nd grade and use their, there, they're, right, write, which correctly in a sentence), and Math Masters (answering 60 addition and 60 subtraction problems correctly in 4 minutes each).  

My favorite decoration comes from The Teacher Wife!


Rachelle said...

SOOOOO Pretty!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Where did you get your Bloom's posters?

I love them!

Averley said...

Wow Janae!!! Your classroom looks amazing!